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IT Champs, Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Payroll outsourcing is a process of assigning the process of payroll management to a third party with expertise in this area. Since payroll is mostly an extended department and not the core department in almost 99% of the salary outsourcing companies, the primary advantage which the company enjoys is a reduction in the overall cost as well as quality of service delivery.

IT Champs is one of the best payroll outsourcing companies globally. The team makes use of the latest technology to manage the payroll operations. A team of an account manager, payroll executive, consultants for statutory compliance, help desk team help in managing the payroll processing.

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  Employee Self Service
  Query Management
  Client Admin Self Service Portal

Why IT Champs?

IT Champs is referred to as the best payroll outsourcing companies.

IT Champ is a kind of company that has the proper understanding and knowledge about the latest norms of payroll management. The company pays full attention to make the payroll records error-free. IT Champs is always attentive about maintaining the security of the data of the clients. To maintain the high standard we follow the most efficient operating procedures to protect the information and utilize them as per the norms. Our teams of experts keep an updated track of newly launched regulations of labour and Income Tax law.

Our Benefits

A robust and dedicated team with strong knowledge of SAP


  • Quick query resolution turnaround time by the help desk associates.
  • Filing of monthly return and PF advice
  • Creation of the MIS reports easily when required.
  • DS advice as well as return
  • Consultation for your employees at the end of the year for investment and tax saving related purpose.
  • Bonus advice as well as return
  • Pay slip generation with details of tax as well as CTC
  • ESIC advice as well as return
  • A provision to opt for a FBP (Flexi Benefit Plan)
  • Generation of Form 24Q for Quarterly TDS return
  • Return submission and professional tax advice
  • Generation of Form 16


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Payroll Services

Payroll services is very complicate if whole process didn’t work properly and managing entire payroll in house create a lot of challenge related to salary on time, less cost, tax and compliance related. One wise quote suggested that keeping the employee’s happy means that half the work is done. If you prefer precision and time-effective quality in your Payroll services process, try out our Payroll services where we provide end to end payroll solution along with saving valuable time and resources, the process helps in avoiding the human errors.

Wherever organization is looking for payroll services, one thing they remember that in the fast culture and hectic life where every activity need to run on quick basis.

Monthly Payroll Outsourcing Services Activity

Payroll is the most important aspect of any business. No organization can work without payroll. Employees have to be paid and they have to be paid on-time. Research shows that paying employees on time is a key motivating factor. Today’s biggest challenge for any organization is error-free payroll processing with updated regulations and compliances management.


  • Salary calculation on monthly basis and also if any changes in salary structure and other variable components.
  • Payslip for the month.
  • Monthly reimbursement processing. (Allocated / Claimed)
  • Salary comparison Audit report.
  • Processing your payroll based on the latest legislative updates
  • Monthly Accounting JV report.
  • Full and Final Settlement of employee.
  • Monthly Tax Challan payment report.
  • Tax calculation and year end investment declaration.
  • Monthly Statutory compliance challans for P.F/ P.TAX/ ESIC.
  • Final report provided to client comprising of MIS and Compliance Statutory Reports. i.e.
  • Generation of Form 16

Payroll Compliance Outsourcing Services Activity

  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Validate the claims based on your policies
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  • Integrate the validated claims with payroll data
  • Professional Tax (PT)
  • Send consolidated reports on changes made
  • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Processing Reimbursements and Arrears

Payroll Compliance Outsourcing Services Activity

  • Monthly salary processed based on data provided as per attendance sheet, change in salary structure and other variable components.
  • Calculation of TDS based on the proposed investments received from employees.
  • Audited data with discrepancy report provided to the client for final approval.
  • Generation of Bank transfer files for the credit of monthly salary.
  • Full and Final Settlement for resigned employees.
  • Salary register for the month.
  • Salary comparison Audit report.
  • Monthly Accounting JV report.
  • Monthly TDS Challan payment report.
  • PF Monthly forms and Challans in electronic & paper format.
  • ESIC monthly contribution file in electronic format for uploading on ESIC Portal.
  • Profession Tax Challan and reports.

Quarterly Payroll Processing

  • Updation of monthly TDS challan payment details.
  • Reconciliation of monthly TDS challans, with TRACES before creation of quarterly etds files for
  • NSDL submission
  • Generation of eTDS returns along Form 24Q and Form 27Q for NSDL submission Year End Processing.
  • Investment proof audit (Proposed vs submitted vs rejected), submission of discrepancy report to client for final approval.
  • Final Investments record updation and final tds deduction report submission to client for approval.
  • Generation of eTDS returns along Form 24Q and Form 27Q for NSDL submission.
  • Generation of digitally signed TRACES Form 16 (PART A & PART B) combined in single pdf.
  • Annual MIS reports.

Other Services

TDS Correction, revise returns filing

  • Tds correction and filing of revised returns.
  • Analysis of default notice received from tax department and proposing the course of action.
  • Drafting of reply to default notices received from tax department.


Reimbursement Proof Checking and Processing

  • Auditing of reimbursement proof submitted by employees.
  • Submission of discrepancy report of approved and rejected proofs by auditors.
  • Processing of reimbursement for payout as per the approved limits.
  • Calculating and accounting the tax impact as per the IT Law


Investment Proof Checking

  • Checking of 80C investments / Other deductions for tax purposes.
  • Submission of discrepancy report of investment approved and rejected by our auditors.



Do You Have Any Questions?

We assign a dedicated account manager to ensure a smooth integration of the payroll service with your business process. This account manager understands your company’s way of working, payroll related tasks, payroll cycle and method of working. Accordingly, it makes changes in the online portal to suit your needs and integrate it according to the workflow of your organization. Before making the final product go live at your facility we ensure a user acceptance test by your payroll team to make sure it fits your style of managing payroll and payroll related activities. Once the portal gets ready and goes live, our job is to make sure that the entire payroll system is secured and the timely payment of the employees happen as per the salary date that your organization follows.

Getting a capable vendor to manage payroll services is a wise thing to do because of a number of reasons. With a vendor managing payroll services, it frees up expensive office space and infrastructure. You no longer need to invest in additional manpower, additional hardware infrastructure or any related software for managing payroll services. While payroll is one of the core requirements, with the office space being expensive, it is best to have most of the non-core work outsourced to capable vendors. In terms of challenges, they remain almost the same across locations and there is no specific challenge which is unique to payroll services.

Handling consistent error-free payroll remains one of the niggling challenges for most companies. We do need to realize that payroll is very time-sensitive in nature and payroll processing needs to be done and completed in time. Also, it is important that there are no errors in payroll processing, or in payslips or tax computations

Finding a capable vendor, who can manage payroll outsourcing is usually tough. You need to engage with somebody who has experience in the domain, yet is flexible and nimble to adapt to your specific needs and requirements. You need someone who offers you a variety of reports as standard, yet who can customize these the way you want, so that your decision making is that much more simplified. You need to have a vendor, who can offer the necessary data back up and security mechanisms so that you know that your data is in safe hands.

Typically, companies try and process their own payroll, but soon realize that it is too much hassle managing this on an ongoing basis. This is the time they start looking for payroll processing company, who can offer end to end payroll management.

As these companies start engaging with a capable payroll outsourcing company like ITChamp, they realize that payroll processing can be much easier and hassle-free. They can easily manage the employee inputs and most of the other work in payroll processing is done by the vendor company. Companies like ITChamp also take the efforts in integrating their systems with other data points that are relevant from a data perspective like time & attendance management system, employee loans and advances systems, biometric systems that capture attendance. They also take efforts in ensuring that the payroll processing systems integrate with their core accounting software at the back-end so that reporting and MIS is that much more powerful.

If you define the right factors, it will be easy for you to identify the right payroll processing company to partner with. Each business will have its own evaluation criteria, but some of the criteria that you should definitely consider include

  • The experience that the company has in the field of payroll outsourcing
  • The tools it is using and has invested in to ensure a good level of automation and accuracy while providing payroll processing services.
  • The reports that it is able to provide and customize based on specific requirements. These reports will help a lot in decision making, especially at the management level
  • The on-time performance that the company has demonstrated while offering payroll processing services at some of the other clients.
  • Any recognition/awards that the company has won, based on its service quality and delivery
  • What some of their clients are talking about their service based on their relationship with them.

There are companies, who offer payroll processing services, and there are companies who will offer end to end payroll management services. It is best to have an end to end payroll management company, who ensures that everything in payroll and compliances is taken care of and you do not need to worry about any of it right through the engagement. What is the difference then, between these two terms? The main difference is that of ownership. A company that offers payroll management services takes complete ownership of the payroll process and ensures that there are no errors in payroll and also ensures that all payroll processing happens on time. While selecting a payroll management company, it is important that you consider the management team and their current service levels in the companies that they are working with. ITChamp is well known and is one of the best payroll management company. With their strong reputation, award winning technology, a lot of clients are already experiencing the benefits of their payroll being managed by a capable payroll processing partner. With the level of automation and technology, they are able to offer these payroll outsourcing services at very competitive prices.

Superlative service delivery and impeccable quality are some of the things that help identify the best payroll processing company. The pillars of this service quality are the strong domain knowledge that they possess in the payroll domain, knowledge of different regulations and its implications on different types of companies, the investments that they make in data security, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Several of these help you identify the top performers in payroll processing. ITChamp is certainly one of the top payroll processing company as it comes good on almost all the factors that we listed above. It is also useful to look at the management teams of some of the payroll processing companies. Their commitment towards automation and technology make sure that the company is able to offer you sustained benefits, accuracy and on-time performance every time. ITChamp has made significant investments in technology at a very early date and all of these investments are now paying off through the level of service delivery that they are able to provide to their current clients. These investments in technology also ensure that as a client, you can avail of very cost-effective services and it does not need to pinch you in terms of budgets.

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