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iEmpPower is ITChamps' in-house ESS/MSS tool for all employee lifecycle information. The tool can be seamlessly integrated with the back-end payroll processing system as well as the financial system for the accounting of payroll results.  It has a very intuitive, responsive and easy-to-use front-end for employees, managers and HR admins of an organization.


  • Complete set of self-service suite.
  • Complete HR processes coverage.
  • Role-based functionalities for employees, managers, HR & admin.
  • Deployable in public/ private cloud scenarios.
  • External system interfaces for data exchanges.
  • Add-ons available for purchase requisition, task management & incident management.
  • Simple & adaptive interface which is device-independent.
  • Callable (Interface - Ready) HCM functionality APIs and WEB services.
  • Reporting and analytics Dashboards Drill down reports.

Product Features

Organizational Management

Organizational management describes a department, division, location or a department name depending on the business process.

Time Management

Time management is a module used by employees for tracking time across departments.


Processes the payroll of employees in an organization.This can be integrated with personnel administration,time management, wages and accounting.Manages the employee payroll and HR processes with minimal effort and expertise.

Performance Management System

This system focuses on the performance of an organization based on the department, employee and processes

More Features

Add-on features available in iEmpPower

Other Reimbursements

Employees can submit Other reimbursement claims online. Employees can view details of reimbursement history.

Travel Management

Employees can create travel requisitions and travel expense claims.

Purchase Requisition

Create Purchase Requisition by an employee to request for a desired materials or services. The supervisor then approve the purchase requisition.

Flexible benefits

A flexible benefit plan allows employees to structure & modify CTC components based on the offered benefits like medical expenses and conveyance.

Income Tax

Employees, for claiming tax rebates, can submit their investment declaration and proof submission. Towards the end of the year, iEmpPower facilitates online approval of investment declaration.

Learning & Development

Used for training employees on essential skills and provide them with courses to advance soft and other essential skills.Includes a training curricular,calendar and completion status.


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  • Organizational Management
  • Personal Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll

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25,000 / month

  • Organizational Management
  • Personal Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Add-on features
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